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Hey Good Lookin’ – Ruminations on Pretty Things

June 13, 2007






Whaaaaatcha got cookin’?


I’ve got pretty things on the brain today. Pretty food related things that is….. 🙂 


I’ve also got the word “rumination” on the brain. According to Wikipedia, rumination can mean a calm, lengthy consideration of something. I’ve been thinking about pretty cooking attire since last night. I’ve also been relatively calm since then so I think this word fits in context nicely. 🙂


I cook alot. I am always in the kitchen, even when I’m not physically in the kitchen I’m dreaming of my dream kitchen so that’s being in the kitchen too. My cooking passion has recently overtaken my shopping passion and the shoes and purses of the world are crying out in protest!! Occassionally I miss shopping for vanity’s sake but I get so much more out of cooking and sharing my food with others that I prefer the latter now. That doesn’t mean that deep inside, my desire to look cute at all times doesn’t rear it’s ugly (but cute!) head now and again.


So who says I can’t look cute in the kitchen? 


To see who thinks I can, check out these links:


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