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Ancho Chili Spiced Fried Vegetables

June 15, 2007






I promised some more zucchini recipes since I’m helping my friend use up zucchini from her garden. This orignally started out as just a red bell pepper and zucchini recipe because I was going for a green and red theme but then we went to Trader Joe’s. They always have all kinds of veggies packed up and ready to go so of course some green and yellow green beans got snapped up and an onion too. I would have thrown in some broccolini for good measure but I ended up saving those for another recipe. 🙂


I sincerely thought these would be easier to make than they were but it was definitely a good learning experience!!! Batch #1 was definitely a tester but these came out just right. I meant to make a yogurt dipping sauce for them I kept eating as I was cooking so I didn’t really need it after all. 


This is a really messy job, so have plenty of paper towels on hand!!





2 red bell peppers

2 large zucchini

2 cups green and yellow grean beans

1 large onion

 3 cups self-rising flour

1 tbsp. cayenne pepper

2 tbsp. ancho chili powder

1 tbsp. garlic powder

1/2 tbsp. paprika


Freshly ground black pepper

3 eggs

Oil for frying


You’ll Need


Cast iron dutch oven





Fill a dutch oven about halfway full of oil and heat until 350 degrees F.

In the meantime, slice the onion, zucchini and bell pepper abaout 1/2 inch thick. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Fill a large dish with the flour and spices. Go easy on the ancho chili powder if you have a lower tolerance for spicy foods. You can always fry one vegetable slice to get an idea of how spicy the flour mixture is.

Whisk eggs in a small bowl.

Once the oil is the right temperature, dip the vegetables one at a time in the egg mixture and then dredge through the flour. Make sure each piece is coated evenly and generously. Using tongs, gently lay in piece in the oil, frying about 7-8 pieces at a time.

Lay on paper towel to soak up excess oil then serve.

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