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This is where you can find links to cool places I’ve found on the Internet…food related of course!

Food Photography

  • dPS. Digital Photography School – very basic intro for Food Photography.
  • Still Life With… – a blogger who offers lots of great tips and beautiful photos. Great section called Guide to Food Photography Gear.
  • Michael Ray – Professional food photographer. Absolutely stunning photographs and great tutorials too.
  • Nelli Sheffer – Professional photographer specializing in food photography. Some of the most creative and inventive pictures I’ve seen so far. Check out his section on Food Markets from all over the world. Good place to get inspired.
  • Simply Recipes – food blog with a very good post on food photography. I like the writing style. Very easy to read.
  • Flickr – I find so much inspiration here! On the “Explore” page, do a search for “food photography”. You’ll be amazed and inspired.

Local Food Resources – Southern California

If you live where I live, these are some interesting resources!

  • – this is a great site if you are interested in visiting local farms near you to pick and purchase your own produce. A great way to support your local community! Also available are listings for Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK. If you live in a country not listed you can contact them and have your local farms added as well!! There is also lots of info on pickling, canning, and freezing.
  • Green Fields Organic – did you know that you can have healthy organic food delivered right to your door? This company supports local growers by buying their products and providing one place for us to purchase them. They sell organic produce, grains and flours, beverages, nuts and dried fruits, dairy and pantry items.
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  1. Jason permalink
    June 1, 2007 4:53 pm


    This is a really cool idea!!!

    I love the fact that your open to trying new things – cooking in paticular…….that’s hot!

    Can you post your “chicken enchilada” recipe….pretty please ~

  2. Karla permalink
    June 1, 2007 7:07 pm

    Hi Shea,

    This is so YOU! I know how much you love to cook and especially how much you love to share your cooking! So this is perfect for you!

    We really need to get back into our weekly dinner parties at Chez Torres! 🙂

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